Avian Baby Boom

The Weed Patch is bustling with baby birds this week. We've counted 9 species of birds nesting around the orchard and gardens. There isn't a single path you can take right now without being scolded en route by some feathered parent. Our favourites are the violet green swallows, tree swallows and white crowned sparrows. The… Continue reading Avian Baby Boom


The Pastor of Pasture

When Joel Salatin talks to an audience of farming enthusiasts, he inspires them to want to farm with ecological integrity, purpose and a higher level of management than most would consider necessary. Joel was recently on Saltspring Island and gave a terrific workshop on managing pasture for livestock. I was able to sneak away from the Weed… Continue reading The Pastor of Pasture

So what kind of farmer are you?

This question was posed to me recently after I engaged a vaguely interested senior farmer in a conversation about irrigating young nut trees with horsetail tea. Were we organic? Biodynamic? Amateurs? I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I hadn’t considered a one-size-fits-all label for us or our Weed Patch.  We’re not aiming for certification… Continue reading So what kind of farmer are you?