Time Lapsing

Our time lapse photography project is centered on one part of the field where the walnuts and alley crops are being established. The idea is to document, over several seasons, the gradual transformation of at least one portion of the field from pasture to agroforestry project. We are collecting photos every day with a camera permanently… Continue reading Time Lapsing


Thank you very mulch!

My gratitude goes out to all the local Acer macrophyllum that help us put our new young nut trees, flower and vegetable rows to rest this time of year. The leaves of the big leaf maple are nature's perfect mulch for wet coast climates. They contain  high concentrations of potassium and calcium - which are minerals that are… Continue reading Thank you very mulch!

Harvesting the Green Gold

It took three and a half people about 8 and a half hours to manually machete, scoop, clean and roast 4.5 kgs of Styrian pumpkin seeds! We were all seeing shades of green and orange by the end of the day. The weather could not have been more miserable (wet snow?!) so we moved the operations inside as… Continue reading Harvesting the Green Gold