Day of the Honey Bee!

Hope you enjoyed lots of local honey today to celebrate May 29th as the international 'Day of the Honey Bee'! Hug your local beekeeper, or better yet, buy some honey or beeswax products from them! Our girls didn't leave the hives today in the constant rain so we couldn't salute them on their way through… Continue reading Day of the Honey Bee!


Nurturing nuts

What do you get when you take three happy kids, a few adults and a couple of hundred metres of freshly mowed wavy paths through a field of baby nut trees? A wildly fun game of freeze tag, where every staked tree, mobile chicken coop, hugelkulture row or clump of grass is a help or hindrance… Continue reading Nurturing nuts


We can't stop shoving our noses into bucketfuls of lilac (Syringa vulgaris)! This is one of my favourite cut flowers to harvest because it entails getting up off the ground and into the orchard ladder. We get a better bees-eye-view that way.