Mid May Madness

With several hundred onion seedlings now thriving in the ground, we can focus our attention on the ornamental members of the Allium (onion) family. These orbs of lush purple flowers are at their peak this week and vibrate with nectar seeking insects. They are the focal point of this weeks’ cut flower CSA bee-friendly bouquets and paired with peony, lupin, Calendula and the first sweet peas of the season.



My partner in crime commented on how much the Calendula petals resemble feathers. I see these rather common blooms with fresh eyes now! Patterns in nature sure do repeat themselves.  Thanks to Jen and Patrick (wwoofers extraordinaire) for seeding trays and trays of Styrian pumpkins last week! 99% of the seeds (our own and supply from my uncle in Austria) are up and will be transplanted as an alley crop between a few rows of baby walnut trees in the next few weeks.

Styrian pumpkin starts

We’re playing catch up finishing the expansion of 175 mulch rings for all the baby nut trees planted in the last year. Dusk to dawn there are no shortage of time sensitive tasks to attend to and we’re lucky to have folks visiting with us who are willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in during this crazy time of year! Including our friend ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ shepherding the hens at dusk from the ravenous ravens.  Despite the May madness we’re waking up and going to bed with smiles on our faces. Thanks everyone for your support!



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