Fun with Filbert


Some folks get very excited going to a new shopping mall or store opening… Although I can’t relate I was thrilled to finally step foot onto the premise of Nature Tech Nursery Ltd. in Langley, BC to pick up our last batch of nut trees – 75 beautiful filberts!  I felt like doing cartwheels down the aisles of big, healthy, young filbert trees. The facility is inspiring and the owners are working with the Oregon State University breeding program to develop and distribute eastern filbert blight resistant hazelnut trees to growers in BC.

young hazelnuts

Although hazelnuts are only one variety of nut tree we’re growing on our site, we are committed to only planting blight resistant filberts for our agroforestry project because of the devastating impact the blight will have when it does eventually spread to the gulf islands. It is already rampant in the lower mainland of BC and we know it is just a matter of time before the spores are transported here too. We purchased six varieties and are busy preparing the planting holes in the last empty section of the hay field for a final fall planting. Our looming deadline of “all trees in the ground” by November 30, 2013 is near!

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