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Peonies and Lilacs

Happy Mother’s Day to all the adoptive and foster mums in our world and a special thanks to our mums for all you do…



Happy Earth Day!

Thank goodness we live in a part of the world where on April 22nd, it is not too cold to put our hands in the dirt or noses into a bucket of fragrant cherry blossoms and luscious tulips! Hope you are celebrating Earth Day with nature’s bounty at your finger tips…

CSA buckets getting organized for Earth Day deliveries.

CSA buckets getting organized for Earth Day deliveries.

Our new ‘slow flower’ campaign…

Hot on the heels of the slow food movement is the slow flower movement. Today’s conventionally bought flowers don’t grow in natural soil, don’t see the sun and aren’t visited by bees and butterflies. To help shift local consumer awareness and attitudes towards the brutal realities of the cut flower industry we developed this poster (which has turned a few heads!). I hope it will help Gabriolans rekindle their passion for REAL flowers, and gently lead them straight into the arms of their local flower farmer!

Plum Blossoms – in every nook and cranny of the house!

For Antonella!!

Happy Belated Birthday Antonella!!


Introductory Video

We’ve posted two introductory videos on Youtube for our three-part series which will detail the nut trees, alley cropping and silvopasture components of our agroforestry demonstration project:

Stay tuned in late November for the other installments featuring the goofy characters that call this farm home.

In the meantime I’m off to a small scale organic flower farming workshop to get my hands dirty and learn from some inspiring professionals!

Butternuts and Barreds

We are getting the last 75 holes ready for the filbert planting fandango this week and staking the last of the walnuts, butternuts and chestnuts that got missed in the first round of planting last year. We’re less than a month and a half away from our target date of all 250 nut trees in the ground by November 30th and we’re anxious, excited and slightly exhausted.

tree stakes

As soon as this stake was pounded into the ground for the young butternut tree, our resident barred owl decided to test out the perch potential. We told Agroforestry BC that one of our goals was to create habitat with this project – at least we’re right on track with that!

owl on butternut

Join Us!

workshop logo

Join Just Another Weed Patch Farm on Saturday October 19th from 1:00 pm – 3:45 pm  on lovely Gabriola Island for an afternoon site visit and in depth presentation on the successes and challenges of our Agroforestry Demonstration Project!

Registration is free by emailing  Nutty, light refreshments will be provided. Spaces are limited! If you cannot attend please note the presentation will be video recorded and posted online at a later date for your viewing pleasure!

Fun with Filbert


Some folks get very excited going to a new shopping mall or store opening… Although I can’t relate I was thrilled to finally step foot onto the premise of Nature Tech Nursery Ltd. in Langley, BC to pick up our last batch of nut trees – 75 beautiful filberts!  I felt like doing cartwheels down the aisles of big, healthy, young filbert trees. The facility is inspiring and the owners are working with the Oregon State University breeding program to develop and distribute eastern filbert blight resistant hazelnut trees to growers in BC.

young hazelnuts

Although hazelnuts are only one variety of nut tree we’re growing on our site, we are committed to only planting blight resistant filberts for our agroforestry project because of the devastating impact the blight will have when it does eventually spread to the gulf islands. It is already rampant in the lower mainland of BC and we know it is just a matter of time before the spores are transported here too. We purchased six varieties and are busy preparing the planting holes in the last empty section of the hay field for a final fall planting. Our looming deadline of “all trees in the ground” by November 30, 2013 is near!

How Sweet It Is!

HONEYAnother lovely harvest of garden honey! Every year we learn more and more about the challenges of beekeeping on the ‘wet coast’ and are oh-so-grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the liquid gold. The honey bees take our property’s flora and bottle the goodness for us. How sweet is that?

Thank you P. White for the amazing photos of our girls in action!

Thank you P. White for the amazing photos of our girls in action!


The office

early august colours

Some days it’s hard to leave!