Planning for Pest Management

As we watch this years' small hazelnut and walnut crop develop, we're keeping an eye on the stellar jay and red squirrel population. These critters are problematic for any small nut orchard from August to October and they typically work dawn to dusk until the supply runs out. We have no desire to net our 250 tree orchard… Continue reading Planning for Pest Management


Sluggish Start

Fifty-three of our Styrian pumpkin plants have been destroyed by the tiniest of garden pests – the common slug. The loss is profound – just under half of the entire test plot for 2012. The sudden and dramatic decline in the plants’ health was a clear indicator that there is an imbalance. The plants that got mulched well… Continue reading Sluggish Start

Summer Tents

This post has nothing to do with camping tents...but rather pest management of a particularly notorious little critter. This year the Western tent caterpillar (Malacosoma californicum) population explosion was the talk of Gabriola Island. The chaos has subsided, the affected trees are recovering, and now swallows and bats are feasting on big fat tent moths… Continue reading Summer Tents