Pumpkin Progress

The alley crops of Styrian pumpkins are bustling with growth and responding well to conditions in the hugelkulture mounds. The small bowling ball sized pumpkins are actually adorable, as far as immature vegetables go...!


Heaping Hugelkultur

The preparations for the test hugelkultur rows for the Styrian pumpkins are coming along, slowly. We thought we'd be completed by the end of January  but we're just now making the time to top them with manure and screened compost. Our feathered friends are working alongside us as stealth controllers of wireworms in the overturned sod clods. Last year… Continue reading Heaping Hugelkultur

Harvesting the Green Gold

It took three and a half people about 8 and a half hours to manually machete, scoop, clean and roast 4.5 kgs of Styrian pumpkin seeds! We were all seeing shades of green and orange by the end of the day. The weather could not have been more miserable (wet snow?!) so we moved the operations inside as… Continue reading Harvesting the Green Gold