Fun with Filbert

Some folks get very excited going to a new shopping mall or store opening... Although I can't relate I was thrilled to finally step foot onto the premise of Nature Tech Nursery Ltd. in Langley, BC to pick up our last batch of nut trees - 75 beautiful filberts!  I felt like doing cartwheels down… Continue reading Fun with Filbert


Chasing Chestnuts

It's been a bit 'nutty' trying to source local edible chestnut cultivars. What was once the most popular source of starch in the Americas (twice the amount of a potato), the humble chestnut, or 'bread tree' has never fully recovered from the devastating Asian blight that wiped out this staple food in the early 20th century. We'll never… Continue reading Chasing Chestnuts


The cashier at our village grocery store was staring at my hands while I fumbled for my wallet at the till. It wasn't until later in the day, back at the farm while unloading the groceries that I noticed what she must have been staring at. My hands looked...well worn. Dirt was clearly visible in the nail beds, under my nails and in creases in my skin around my knuckles. Creases I didn't think I had. She would not have known that I was in the midst of a tree planting frenzy, and not just lazy. What would my mother say?! I should have recommended this movie to the cashier...