Here We Grow…

This is our first of what will be many (insomnia curing) posts about our beloved agroforestry demonstration project on Gabriola Island, British Columbia. We officially started ‘breaking ground’ in April 2012 and will be working for the next 19 months to transform our 2 acre field of weeds into a diverse organically managed nut grove that will also be home to rows of food, flowers, pollinators, laying hens and silly sheep. We inherited a small grove of nut trees on our property from the previous owners and can’t thank them enough for the foresight to have planted them over 15 years ago. But a handful of hazelnut and walnut trees isn’t sufficient for our growing interest in nurturing protein from our gulf island soils. So we’re planting 250 more trees. And a handful of other nut varieties that unfortunately, get overlooked here on our wet coast. Thanks for joining us and here we grow!

One of our Juglans regia (Persian Walnuts) this spring

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