Avian Baby Boom

One of seven swallow nesting boxes happily occupied by this year’s cabbage moth destroyers.

The Weed Patch is bustling with baby birds this week. We’ve counted 9 species of birds nesting around the orchard and gardens. There isn’t a single path you can take right now without being scolded en route by some feathered parent. Our favourites are the violet green swallows, tree swallows and white crowned sparrows. The baby northern flickers are pretty comical too.

Tree swallow chicks checking out the Weed Patch

To add to the avian baby boom, our long awaited orpington/wyandotte chicks hatched with proud mama Margaret Hatcher at the helm. If we’re not answering emails or the phone these days it’s because we’re all sitting captivated in front of the chick nursery watching the little fuzzballs do what chicks are designed to do. It’s the best reality show going – we call it ‘Chick TV on Channel Hen’!

Time to expand the Yolkswagon Fleet!

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