Pumpkin Progress

Styrian pumpkin just beginning to form its’ signature orange stripes

Our Styrian pumpkin test patch is presently a massive tangle of vines, leaves and immature pumpkins. The skins are just starting to develop pale yellow stripes, which will turn to a lovely deep orange hue over the next month. Despite the recent heat wave we’ve only had to irrigate the patch twice this season. The alpaca fibre mulch is keeping the root zones moist so we can focus on irrigating the young nut trees and flower rows instead.

It’s all manual irrigation in the nut tree field this year which is beginning to drive us crazy. (Santa, if you’re listening, we’d really like for you to aerial drop a comprehensive above-ground drip irrigation system for us while making your other deliveries. We’ve been pretty good!!)

Rudbeckia row at peak pollen and nectar supply for the honeybees.

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