Yolkswagon Type II

The chicks which ‘Margaret Hatcher’ reared for us earlier this summer have now grown up, left the nest and moved into their very own ‘Yolkswagon’ – Type II chicken tractor. This mobile chicken coop has been slightly modified and improved from our original Yolkswagon which was based on a kit design. The new young flock consists of an eclectic mix of our heritage Wyandottes, Orpingtons and some of the neighbours’ Dorkings and Chantecler crosses. We currently have two Yolkswagons cruising the aisles of nut trees and are moved each night to fresh pasture. The weed patch flock will be expanded to a total of 5 mobile chicken coops by 2013, each housing up to 8 birds and being concentrated in different areas of the field. For reasons of sentimentality, we’re sticking to vintage 70’s Westfalia colours for each coop. They are so cheery, easy to move on our flat terrain and best of all – predator proof!

Yolkswagon Type II in vintage 70’s avocado green – with the young new inhabitants
Coffee bean sacks will be replaced with a white tarp over the run for shade and rain protection!

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