Sheepish Grin

A quick nail trimming before being released to the Weed Patch pasture.


Three Shetland rams have been added to our collection of snouts, beaks and stingers. They are working with us until the early spring, at which point their owners will move them to greener pastures. The boys are curious little buggers and snuck into the Yolkswagon when the door was left open. The chickens were not amused and did not hesitate to alert us to the mammoth fuzzy intruders. I’ve named the light one Merino and the twin boys Rambo and Ramekin. I couldn’t handle the in-house suggestions of Smokey, Coco and Lambchop, so I’m exerting some creative liberties. I think we’re in for some sheep-scapades this fall with this ram-bunctious trio. Stay tuned…

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