Harvesting the Green Gold

It took three and a half people about 8 and a half hours to manually machete, scoop, clean and roast 4.5 kgs of Styrian pumpkin seeds! We were all seeing shades of green and orange by the end of the day. The weather could not have been more miserable (wet snow?!) so we moved the operations inside as quickly as possible. This job should have been completed in early October but was postponed to accommodate a much-needed family vacation to a place where no farm chores occupied our days.  

The seeds of the Styrian pumpkin are shell-less so they are exquisite roasted, pressed for oil or eaten raw. High in omega goodness and protein, this is growing staple crop at the weed patch.


The seeds were roasted in small batches and then air cooled quickly before being vacuum sealed. They are absolutely delicious and not anything like Chinese grown pumpkin seed that you get in the bulk section of the grocery store.


The Austrian’s call this product “green gold” because it is a rich, wholesome and pride filled oil from the Styrian region, with a distinct nutty flavour. It takes 2.5kg of seeds to produce just one litre of oil! For all the manual labour involved when you don’t have mechanized crushers and cleaners – the value of this crop is not far off from that of a precious gem!

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