December Photo Project

dpp_banner_250x250I heard about this challenge – to take at least one photo each day in December and post it online – and thought it would be a good project for me. December is a much quieter, reflective month at the weed patch and we seem to gravitate inwards and away from the seasonal chaos around us. We can finally stop and notice things we didn’t over the last eight months. Like that we all need hair cuts. So for the  next 31 days we’ll endeavour to capture images at  the weed patch that cause us to stop and think creative thoughts, even if only for a moment. If you’re interested in joining in the December photo project check out TREADWAYS.ORG.

 DPP Day #1

My partner in crime's heritage reminds us to keep our ditches clean and clear. Quit basking in the momentary sun fleck and get back to work!

DPP Day #2

First batch of weed patch apple wine...
First batch of weed patch wine…

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