There are lots of exciting projects on the go at the Weed Patch that are keeping us busy in preparation for our longest season of the year…spring! To kick start our post-influenza bodies, we look for inspiration in the bulbs and seeds planted last fall.


Two rows of columbine (above) and 270 tulips (below) are full of vibrant new growth. These beauties will fuel our bees and put a smile on the faces of our cut flower CSA members this season!


In March, the rooms in our house become the backdrop for the orchestra of flowering twigs and branches that we can’t resist bringing in for a ‘sneek peek’.The cherry blossoms are this week’s favourite.

cherry blossoms

Ana, now 13,the official greeter at the Weed Patch is still determined to join me on my weeding missions, and burrow into a sunny mulch pile. Thank goodness spring is not without our canine companions…


The creek that runs through the property is teeming with these bright ‘lanterns’ which glow in the dark greens of the forest. The smell of skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) definately signals spring.

skunk cabbage

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more regular updates on our chestnut and hazelnut planting marathon this season. Eight months to go until all 250 nut trees and alley crop rows are in the ground! Yikes! Let’s get to work…

Merino gets some lovin

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