Influenza took front stage in our house for a few weeks but now that we’re upright again we’re celebrating by focusing on growth!

Nurturing nutsThe biggest nut on our farm is our young jedi, who has a knack for installing poly pipe hoop houses in record time!

swallow heavenMy partner-in-crime surprised me with a dozen new swallow boxes in every possible location on the farm. He and the young jedi constructed them from scrap lumber while I was incapacitated with the flu. Three varieties of swallows are now scoping out the new real estate, much to our delight. The biggest thrill was seeing our first American kestrel on the property today, which we couldn’t snap a picture of. We’re hoping to help re-introduce kestrels in the neighbourhood by providing nesting boxes and habitat for their food sources. Their presence is the ultimate red squirrel deterrant for nut trees!

Mini arrangement

Bored with endless streams of ginger/lemon/honey tea these past two weeks we needed a little something else on our kitchen table… Welcome April!

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