Last Frost!


frosty bird bath

We awoke to frosty conditions this morning but it was short-lived. Beautiful reminder not to rush the growing season too quickly.


The honey bees have had their fill of nectar from the first push of ‘weeds’. We’re leaving the seed heads for the golden crowned and white crowned sparrows who feed intensely in the fields. Seems a shame to mow down their buffet!

chinese chestnut

The newly planted Chinese chestnuts are awakening for the first time in their new habitat. It is romantic (to me) to imagine them awakening like this for the next 50+ years. I hope I get to see them in their prime.

Spring bouquetEarly season bouquets of thanks to my CSA members. This weeks’ ingredients included bee balm; fiddleheads; bronze fennel; flowering scirpus; early peonies; tulips and flowering chives. Lilacs are almost ready and a sure sign that it is May! So long frost. See you in October.

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