Mother’s Day

Some virtual blooms for our mama’s a few provinces to the east…wish we could deliver them to your door! This week’s ingredients include columbine; peony seed pods; lilacs and chestnut blooms.

Mother's Day blooms

mother's day arrangement
Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a new episode of  “Chick TV on channel Hen…”. We’re all taking ample breaks from planting and weeding to sit and watch some ‘chick TV’. Ten little peepers were re-homed with us this weekend and we’re having fun guessing the breeds and sex of each fuzzball. If you leave the naming of chicks to our 11 year old you end up with handles such as Yolko Ono and Queen Kong. He doesn’t get why I think Margaret Hatcher is so witty…

At least we found a use for the old soldier’s helmet discovered in the woods!


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