To Bee or Not to Bee

Honey bee in Styrian Pumpkin flowerOur honeybees are working the pumpkin patch with gusto now that the blackberry nectar flow is coming to a close. We rely heavily on our pumpkins, borage; clover; cardoon and thistle to get the bees through this July/August dearth period.  The girls arrive back n the hive just covered in pollen – disguised as some alien orange intruder.

beeWe’ve agreed to foster a hive for a local beekeeper who is going out of the country for a year so we’re looking forward to a few thousand more lady workers at the Weed Patch. We can’t get enough of them. Our WWOOFers commented this week how the air on the property just buzzes with life during the day. It is such a reassuring backdrop to the farm sound scape.

stained glass bee

I’m clearing out a spot in the workshop to begin my next stained glass project this fall once the cut flower season comes to a close. Possibly a single bloom, or a nut tree to accompany our lone bee!

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