2014 Wedding Wrap Up!

tree swallowWe just finished our last wedding for the cut flower season…no sooner was the order completed and we headed out in the trusty ‘Tree Swallow’ for a leisurely sail and quiet dinner at a secluded island beach. It was time to celebrate our joint efforts as a family towards another bountiful wedding flower season. We had the pleasure of growing and arranging for another season’s worth of amazing families who chose Gabriola grown, sustainable cut flowers. THANK YOU!!

Our cut flower CSA is two weeks away from wrap up so the energy on the farm is definitely quieter, more relaxed and reflective. The song birds appreciate all the dead heading I didn’t get around too and are fattening up on flower seeds. We’re taking stock of what we’d like to do differently and better next year. And most importantly we’re finally stopping to smell the late summer flowers!

Thick ropes of amaranth in hot pink.

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