Summer 2016…

IMG_0849.JPGWe have one of the nicest smelling cars on Gabriola Island, despite the sweaty and stinky feet of three active children and two dogs! On wedding weekends we load up the back with our buckets, baskets and carefully packed bouquets and set off for Dragon’s Lodge, The Surf Pub or the Haven to bring a little bit of the Weed Patch’s fragrant bounty to someone’s special day. We are honoured to be a part of this islands’ growing community of small family farms. Our fourth season of cut flowers has been terrific and we have amazing clients!  Our 250 nut trees are thriving under the meticulous care of our in-house arborist, stay tuned for nut orchard updates. The Styrian pumpkins are flourishing in this season’s warmth. THANK YOU for your support and encouragement during these last four years as we continue to grow our farm and our futures.

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