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JAWP farm 2015

Thanks for visiting our site!

We’re ‘Just Another Weed Patch Farm’ located on Gabriola Island, in British Columbia Canada.

Starting in April 2012 we began a 19 month agroforestry adventure to transform our 2 acre pasture into a productive demonstration site of specialty cut flowers and 250 nut trees  interspersed with happy laying hens and buzzing bees.

Our cast of human characters include two lovely senior mentoring grandparents; one strong and talented Dutch Canadian arborist; three well nourished child-gardening apprentices (and Jedis in training); and one Slovenijan Canadian farm hand (who also happens to be the florist/cook/project manager and beekeeper). We also have an assortment of snouts, beaks and stingers that call our farm home. 

We are passionate farmer-florists, nut growers and stewards of the little patch of dirt upon which we are happily enslaved.

Questions? Contact us at

  1. Jenny permalink

    I stumbled across your site and videos doing research for a class, and am so gladdened by what you’re doing! Learning lots, too – thank you!

  2. I find myself smiling for the rest of the day everytime I visit your website.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    What a lovely way to know what is new in your part of the world. We enjoy reading about it all the way in Ontario and in Europe. Congratulations and many happy moments on your farm. Babica

  4. This site is fantasitc! Great project. May the FORCE be with you young JEDI!

  5. Longterm permalink

    Enjoying the postings so far and looking forward to seeign the site plan.

  6. Riley permalink

    What a cool project! Best of luck.

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