Gabriola Island’s Cut Flower CSA

bouquet photo by emily wren

Welcome to  Just Another Weed Patch Farm’s  Cut Flower Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  subscription program on Gabriola Island! We are the first farmer-florists on the island to offer a CSA  program to our subscribers and we’re proud of it! Please contact us by March 2019 to join us!

We are dedicated to growing vibrant, pesticide free cut flowers and filling our CSA buckets with gorgeous stems of blooms and foliage for you to enjoy in your home, place of work or as a gift to someone special. We want to change the way you think about cut flowers, and offer alternatives to the chemical laden, lifeless and imported  blooms found in our local retail outlets or conventional florist shops.

Just Another Weed Patch Farm specializes in beautiful, fragrant blooms that express the cycle of our coastal growing season. Our flowers are field grown using sustainable farming practices. We select heritage annuals, biennials and perennials that are rich sources of food for our honeybees and native pollinators.

In 2019 our CSA subscription program will run from April through until the end of September. Please email us to request an order form


Q: What is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

A: CSA is a model that has been implemented by many small farms as a mutually beneficial partnership between the grower and the consumer. The consumer purchases a share of the coming season’s harvest. Typically, the share is paid for well in advance of the season. Consumers receive a good value for fresh, local produce or flowers and an enhanced relationship with their local farm. The farm receives income in the winter months when the seed, plant and supply bills are piling up and other farm income is minimal or non-existent. CSA also provides the farm an important avenue to supply product directly to.

Q: Can I get flowers every other week or once a month?

A: In 2019 we offer a 3, 6 or 12 week subscription option. Members pick up their bucket of blooms from our farm’s driveway flower stand on their preferred dates with a minimum of 48 hours notice by phone or email. Your order will include a bucket brimming with the finest blooms and foliage we have available that week. Take the flowers home, recut the stems and arrange the flowers into one large or several smaller bouquets, for you or someone you love! Contact us for order details

Q: What do I do if I am going out of town and have to cancel a pick up?

A: We can always find a home for lonely flowers! However with enough advance notice (24hrs) we will do our best to accommodate your rescheduling of your pick up.

Q: Can’t I just buy your flowers occasionally at the farmer’s market or from your farm stand?

A: Unfortunately we do not retail our flowers or arrangements at the Gabriola Farmer’s Market or from our farm stand for pay-as-you-go customers. We really enjoy getting to know who we are growing for and fostering a strong relationship with our clients, some of which have been with us since the very first year of our business in 2013!

Q: Will there be weeds in my bouquets? What types of blooms will I be getting?

A: Ah! Don’t let the name of our farm fool you. Having said that, you may find whimsical and attractive flora and foliage that you would never find in a grocery store bought bouquet. We do grow luscious seasonal favourites such as unique tulips, luscious  peonies, fragrant lilacs and dahlias, as well as over 50 varieties of annuals and perennials such as cosmos, snapdragon, rudbeckia, sunflower, zinnia, anemone, phlox and delphiniums.

Q: Can I come to the farm to see where my flowers are grown?

A: Our busy little farm is home to three generations of ‘weed patchers’ and as such we are not open to the public. However private farm tours and special event photo opportunities can be accommodated by request as time permits. Please call or email us for details. Flower share members are often invited to an exclusive Weed Patch ‘wine and sneeze’ event on the farm during the growing season.

THANK YOU for supporting local flower farmers and we look forward to growing for you!

Jeff and Sonja
Head Weeders

Just Another Weed Patch Farm

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